I am going to patent the idea of putting balls on the bottom of my keyboard, and using that as a mouse. It allows me to type with both hands and move the mouse cursor around the screen. It will make this 20 button mouse look like it doesn't have any buttons at all. » 6/14/12 12:27pm 6/14/12 12:27pm

That is the thing. Right now MPAA/RIAA don't give Comcast money for each instance for Comcast having to work for them and get this information. If MPAA/RIAA started paying Comcast to fetch some old history data, rather then send them a subpoena, then their tone would change instantly. » 6/13/12 2:02pm 6/13/12 2:02pm

Wtf, I just purchased a new Mac Pro yesterday. Now you are telling me it wasn't new? I went back to the Apple Store, demanded a refund for my new Mac Pro and they told me there is no new Mac Pro. They told me I broke the warranty by installing custom hardware inside and can't refund me the cost. I am going right to… » 6/12/12 6:01pm 6/12/12 6:01pm

No simple list of all 200+ features. It is mostly because the amount of new is varied. 1 new feature might be an entire new app, while 1 new feature might be the on and off switch for a setting now has auto hide. The best bet is just to look at the screen shots on the keynote where it gives many two-five word phrases… » 6/12/12 3:42pm 6/12/12 3:42pm

Google will release a Google Maps app. I will bet money on it. Apple won't block it because it doesn't make sense. Apple is a hardware company and wants to sell more hardware. The only time it walls software is to push sales on more hardware. Since the new Apple maps are not something for OS X, they can't use it to… » 6/12/12 11:08am 6/12/12 11:08am